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Cohesion Gym in Melbourne are Movement Specialists focused on you getting the most out of your body, without the guesswork. Cohesion revolves around highly skilled personal trainers, and proven programs dedicated to your physical achievement. It’s commonplace for fitness products and services to appeal to changing the way you look, but when you shift your focus to creating a body that performs better and is more athletic, it can result in achieving appearance goals you may have never imagined. That’s where we come in… At Cohesion, we’re all about movement. We don’t teach just any movement. We teach successful people to move with quality, and better than they ever have. The result is you can do whatever your mind wants your body to do – say goodbye to your physical limits. Scroll through our site and get in touch, to see how we can help.


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1. Movement Specialists

We’ll get you fitter than you\’ve ever been, with the added benefit of learning to move better than ever. We’re about helping you develop quality fitness, not just more fitness.

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2. Done For You Results

Our programs are based on proven research and experience to simply work. Each program is focused to deliver a specific result, and is personalised to your level.  We’ve created the path to your results. All you have to do is walk down it.

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3. Exceptional Support

We’re all about supporting you to move pain free, with strength and confidence. Our specialised coaches and community environment is geared toward your success.

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We take your group fitness and personal training progress seriously. We love to see Cohesion members grow and improve. So whether you’re a seasoned athlete, fitness enthusiast or just new to the scene, we make sure to tailor our programs to meet every individual need.After all, every human body is different. We respect that.

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For us, knowledge is key.

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That’s why we have created Cohesion Blog and Cohesion TV. For extra training insight, nutrition tips or more Cohesion community news, head on over and get amongst it. Think of it as your daily lunch-break inspiration.

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